Assistant Teaching Program

The Assistant Teacher Training Program is designed for students age twelve and up who have recognized within themselves a natural desire for teaching or the desire to learn more about teaching. You will be trained and held accountable for showing progress in the qualities deemed necessary for effective assistant teaching.

Assistants will be taught effective assistant teaching skills as the classes progress and the environment will be conducive to learning! You are not expected to be a perfect teacher, but to absorb feedback and always keep an open mind.


QUALIFICATIONS: Very good attendance in regular classes, consistent effort at demonstrating a growth mindset in class, consistent demonstration of a good attitude, desire to take on leadership roles, hard work toward personal improvement.

JOB REQUIREMENTS:  Assistant teachers are required to demonstrate dance steps alongside the instructor, help maintain order and structure in the class, enforce rules, and encourage good attitudes among the young dancers. Teaching assistants should dress in professional dance clothes (leotard, tights, skirt/leggings, appropriate shoes) and attend all classes with ample notice of absence when necessary.

Assistant Application

Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch by August 31st with your assistant assignment.