Enchanted Dance Academy strives to instill a love for dance and artistry through exceptional education. With an emphasis on commitment, elite technical training, creativity, passion, enjoyment, and teamwork, we are dedicated to building an organization that provides students of all ages with a well-rounded dance discipline for recreational and/or professional ambitions.


The staff of Enchanted Dance Academy strives to lead by example. We treat every student with respect and believe in the potential of all. We push students to become humble and disciplined dancers who perform from their heart. Artistically, we encourage dancers to take risks and always maintain integrity and passion.


Are there certain class or experience requirements for my dancer to participate in the class of their choice?
Dancers do not need previous experience to take classes at EDA. Dancers can sign up for any class for which they are age-eligible. Currently, the only classes that have co-requisites are our company classes. The requirements vary by level and are detailed on this document. 

How does the tuition structure work? Am I paying a fixed rate per month?
Our season runs from September to June. Our weekly classes are priced based on a full-season rate for the total number of classes, then divided into 10 equal installments. Tuition details can be found on this document. 

Can I enroll my dancer in just part of the season?

Dancers who enroll in our regular weekly classes are expected to commit to and attend class through the end of the season, and our class curriculum is designed for a September - June timeline. We have a flexible attendance policy that allows dancers to engage in other activities alongside dance, but dropping from a class partway through the season due to schedule changes or convenience disrupts our class cohesion and overall program structure.